The Issues

Under Michael’s strong leadership Verona is moving forward!

    ENSURED Verona is engaged in responsible and sound budgeting.
    INCREASED recreational programing for all residents, including a summer concert series at Verona Park and created “Open Gym & Open Field” access for all.
    IMPLEMENTED a professional “turf fields” management program to maintain conformance, maximize life expectancy, and ensure safety for all children.
    INVESTED in our buildings (Carnegie Library), roads and infrastructure and developed a Road/Crack sealing program to extend the life of our infrastructure investments.
    IMPROVED public safety by re-engineering residential traffic patterns, reducing speeds and implementing new traffic signs and parking.
    PROMOTED downtown business development by creating a downtown special improvement district and establishing a vacant building tax.
    ACQUISITION of a Street Sweeper to routinely maintain Clean streets and our business district.
    TRADITION Helped to implement the tradition of lighting a Menorah in our Town square in 2017, in addition to the Christmas Tree.
    FACILITATED the acquisition / use of property from the county for additional Town Pool Parking for the Summer of 2019.

Michael has a plan to protect property taxpayers, stop overdevelopment and preserve our community, making Verona even better!

    FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY Hold the line on local property taxes without adding to our debt and focus on responsible budgeting and long-term strategic financial planning.
    RESPONSIBLE DEVELOPMENT Provide new solutions to the unrealistic affordable housing mandates that may lead to overcrowded schools, decreased property values, and overburdening our infrastructure.
    INCREASE RECREATIONAL PROGRAMS Recreational programs have been the core of Verona’s great quality of life. We need to continue to provide services to our children, seniors and families and create new ones to help our community thrive.
    INVEST IN OUR INFRASTRUCTURE With the increase in traffic and development, it’s critical that we invest in our infrastructure, including our roads, bridges, and sewer lines.
    IMPROVE PUBLIC SAFETY Work with law enforcement and public safety officials to keep our neighborhoods, schools, and businesses safe and secure. Combat the heroin and opioid drug epidemic through education, treatment, and enforcement programs.
    PRESERVE OPEN SPACE Continue to protect open space, enhance our parks and build upon the efforts of local and county officials. Ensure our water and air quality remains clean.
    COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Provide inclusive and transparent government so that our elected officials are held accountable for all actions and decisions. Respect and listen to residents’ concerns and suggestions.
    DOWNTOWN BUSINESS RE-DEVELOPMENT Continue to invest in our downtown business district, to promote Verona businesses and grow our economy, reducing vacancies, improving buildings and creating jobs.